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By: Eli
4/8/10 (149 months ago)
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This is the official change log for the WhiteBoard discussion board.

The way it works: If your version is .1.11, that means that under the .1 section, your system contains all the changes .11 and below (.11, .10, .9, etc). If you are on .2.X then you contain all the changes from .1 as well as .2.0 - .2.X.


1) Modified the index page to not show errors if HTTP_USER_AGENT is not defined
2) Fixed the isSecureForm function to not produce a notice if a session is not defined
3) Fixed an error with the scope of a variable on topic reply pages.
4) Fixed an error on the profile template page referring to a wrong table column name.
5) Fixed an error with the scope of a variable on post topic pages.
6) Fixed an issue with the Profile pages not showing the personal information.
7) Profile pages showed the signature of the visitor that was browsing, instead of the user they were looking at.
8) Fixed an error where quotes in bbcode tags weren't being received properly
9) Added the [align] bbcode tag. You can now float content by using [align="left"] and [align="right"].
10) Modified the css file to give image links a border of 0 by default in posts.
11) Modified the postview template to put the "edited on" message in a specific css class so it can be styled.
12) Fixed a problem where if you loaded a post page (edit post, topic reply, new topic) and then loaded a page with another form on it, when you tried to submit the page, it would give you a blank page.
13) Fixed an issue with when you successfully edited a post, it would not show the footer on the "success page".
14) Fixed an error when you viewed the profile of a user with no posts, it would show incorrect information.
15) Fixed a warning that occurred when viewing the calendar, and a day existed where a member joined, or a topic was made, but had no replies.
16) You can now have two form's open, and submit either one without getting a CSRF error. This works by passing a unique form name to secureForm and isSecureForm. For example: secureForm("editPost") and then checking with isSecureForm("editPost").
17) Fixed a permissions issue where if you didn't have permission on the following pages: new topic, topic reply, edit post, delete post, delete topic, it would still display the form.
18) Fixed issues with the installer referring to an incorrect version number, external links and images.
19) Changed the default avatar for the board
20) Modified the default style to make code tags wrap content and images that are links have no border.
21) Made the poster column thinner in the topic review section of the topic reply pages.
22) When a new user registers, they are automatically set to show up in the online list. It is now opt-out instead of opt-in.
23) Fixed an issue that occurred when editing a forum from the admin control panel and not having the changes save.
24) Fixed a warning that occurred while trying to visit a non existent profile page.
25) Fixed a typo on the installation page.
26) Fixed a bug that occurred with malformed URLs on the topic display page.
27) The admin panel now displays the correct version number.
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