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Toms Shoes for sale?
By: Lawrence McNeal
6/15/14 (55 months ago)
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Persistent rumors that the philanthropic boots cheap toms shoes and shoes brand Toms Shoes soon enough the window goes. Head honcho Blake Mycoskie several brokers would have hired and are implementing a sale. That multiple sources confirmed to The Financial Days.

The exact value of the National brand behind the special canvas loafers is not known, although analysts estimate that the number is about $ 600 , 000, 000. The sales process is normally according to the source is still in the early stages and not final.

Since its launch in 2006, Toms Shoes or boots cheap toms has given away more than 12 million shoes to little ones in more than 60 locations. About 2013, the company attained a turnover of 185 million euros, of which 30 % was generated in the shop.

For several years, the company also makes glasses. A portion of the proceeds will be used to fund. Eye surgeries plus interventions Meanwhile, 150, 000 children and their parents view recovered thanks to Tom.

This company recently announced the expansion of its store community in Europe. In May, Tom opened his toms kids shoes primary European flagship store within Amsterdam and Mycoskie introduced room for more stores on the Netherlands and Europe to check out. Tom has been a Dutch, Adams and German online shop. The European headquarters is located in Amsterdam.
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