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By: Eli
3/30/10 (152 months ago)
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I've been making frequent changes to the framework, so if you see a change in the version number this will be the place to look. I will be keeping this page updated with the change log for the system. I will only make release announcements for main version changes (1. to 2., and 1.1 to 1.2, but NOT 1.1.2 to 1.1.3)

The way it works: If your version is .1.7, that means that under the .1 section, your system contains all the changes .7 and below (.6, .5, .4, etc). If you are on .2.X then you contain all the changes from .1 as well as .2.0 - .2.X.


1) Make an application setup class that can do things like set the default view
2) Added ReCaptcha support to forms
3) Added Functionality to get framework version
4) Swapped the order of the Validator parameters. It is now validator name, parameters, break on invalid
5) Set the default form method to POST and the default action to submit to the current controller and action. You no longer are required to call setMethod and setAction when creating a form.
6) You can now disable URL rewriting by adding "rewriting" => false to the configuration array
7) Moved the configuration to Library_Config and you can add values from the Application/Setup.php file either with the array access format, or object format.
$registry->config->siteUrl = "";
$registry->config["multi word key"] = "Setting";
echo $registry->config["multi word key"]; // Setting

8) Put the lines from init.php into index.php and deleted init.php
9) Moved the autoloader from being defined in index.php and put it into Library_AutoLoader::autoload();
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